Minggu, 20 November 2011



Almost a year, to be exact, 11 months, more or less, ago, i told "someone" that the date above is a "pretty date"..Well right now i wish it is, in fact, a pretty "date".

It's his 21st birthday today n since i havent been having a "life" for these past weeks i really couldnt make a time to plan for a birthday surprise... I hate myself for that...Actually i did have a plan, but couldnt make it in time because yesterday afternoon, it rained hard n i was so jaded that i cannot lift my body off the bed.

And i thought of going out with him somewhere but when i look down beneath my PC table i see rolls of campus projects awaiting for me to touch it. Oh great, dillema, dillema.

What would you do if you were in my shoes?? Would you choose to go out on this fine sunny Sunday or stay in your room finishing, your project, catching up on your lack-of-spending-time project because you were doing other project at the same time?

I tried to to think of other things i can do, but the only ability i could think of was to write about it. Maybe its unimportant to you, maybe you wouldnt even read it at all. I am out of words but i really hope you understand my position and have a blasting birthday. Happy Birthday mon Soleil. Always try to be the best of yourself.


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