Senin, 27 Februari 2012


          It's been such a long time since I open this blog, let alone update it. Had been such a hectic first two months of 2012. The year which started with heaps of activities and also problems. But I'm glad that I still have problems in my life, that shows that I have advanced to the next level of life. I'm also happy that I have overcame most of it. Specially the ones regarding my special people in life.
          When I was down, I would listen to one sad song over and over again, until the song doesn't have any effect on my emotions. Then I would start to think that the problem I'm having, as I go through it, would also have no impact on my depressed feelings. After that it was just a matter of time where the problem would be solved somehow or other.
           Not all matter can be solved in an instant, just try to do the best you can do then let your effort give its power to the universe so that the universe itself would solve it for you. It takes time, but in that way I could still overcome other problems as well, not concentrated only in one thing.
What would be better is that if one problem solved leading to other problems solved to. "One row, two three islands passed by." (An Indonesian Proverb)
          This past couple of months gave me a lot of life lessons and I'm really thankful for it.


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