Sabtu, 05 November 2011

A Lifetime Reminder

My 17th birthday, 24th August 2008, held such a great lesson in my life. Then I learnt about friendship, sharing, family, reaching my goals, dreams and most important, how to live lively.
I didn't have a massive birthday party or anything. Instead I took my family and friends to pay a visit to an orphanage, something i dreamt of since i was in kindergarten. Something a regular seventeen-year-old wouldn't want to do.

Before we all celebrate my birthday there, though, all of my closest dearest friends gathered at Aida's house. They gave me such a reckless surprise. They threw eggs and flour at me and also showered me with a huge bucket of water. In addition, Ichwan just simply poured detergent, which was supposed to be used to clean my outfit from egg yolk, over my head. And hell, it burns!
"I know you hate this kind of surprise," Aida told me. "That's why we did this to you."
I will never forget that, Ai. Haha.

Later that day, we all went to the orphanage together. It was such an unexplainable feeling, seeing those parent-less children sitting on a dried-plant type of carpet laid on the dirt, staring at me with inquisitive eyes. They looked so adorable. Oh how i wish i can help them more than i was about to.
All I could do at that time was donate a stack of old books, dozens of usable clothing and a small amount of money which was equal to nothing compared to what they gave me.

In return, all of them wished me a happy birthday and pray together for my success in life. God, I felt so helpless. It was the best birthday celebration ever! Although my dad couldn't make it because he was already back to work abroad but my mom was there still. I couldn't hold my tears so I let them slipped as my mom gave us all a speech about me and wished me a happy birthday. I was really touched. I realized how she loves me unconditionally and how I was sometimes such an unobedient child to her. It was my first time crying in public, in front of so many eyes and i was neither ashamed nor embarrased from it. The tears felt so warm, unlike any other useless tears i cried earlier that year from my recent break-up. I sobbed as I gave my speech of gratitude. The more I sobbed, the more i became speechless.

Thank you, God, for giving me such a great family, a bunch of loyal friends and precious lessons in my gracious life.


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